The Small Indian Farmer

India is the world's 3rd largest manufacturer of tractors, yet 80% of Indian farmers don't use mechanisation to boost productivity. Here's a team that's attempting to change this by designing and offering low-cost, easy-to-maintain farm equipment that will reduce dependency on fuel and labour....


Dr.Singh and Major D.P. Singh

India’s first amputee marathon runner and a motivational speaker, and a physically challenged doctor who is working towards making Delhi more ergonomically friendly: two men who are facilitating a more Inclusive India. Story #66

Including the Underqualified

Helping people climb out of poverty by hiring those who are under-qualified for the job: the story of Invensis, an organization that focuses on potential above qualification. This is Inclusive India story #65

When in Doubt, Turn Around

Prarthana Kaul shares about a stranger she saw on the road, and the collective effort in rescuing a lost elderly person. This is Inclusive India story #64


World: one Place

From amalgamations of east and west, to staying undefined and fluid, Sushmita Maryam shares her experiences on embracing the identity of the non-identity.

Best of 2013!

Celebrating the past, here's a list of Chai with Lakshmi's top 5 most liked and shared conversations from 2013!

Things I Loved about 2013

Looking back at 2013, Lakshmi Rebecca shares from her diaries about things she learnt, things she celebrated, things that were milestones and things that are in store for 2014.

The Religion of a Cow

"The true meaning of religion and what it stands for has become irrelevant in today's world." Sushmita Maryam blogs about religious beliefs and how one reacts.

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